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Hey all,
Apologies if this has been addressed, I didn't see it in the search I did of the forums:

So here's my situation. I have three different Macs running OF, and I have OF on my iPhone. One of the Macs is running 10.4 (just haven't upgraded it to 10.5 yet), the other two are running 10.5. One of the 10.5 machines has OF up all the time, the other is my work laptop so OF is running when I'm at the office. Both 10.5 machines sync without any issues.
However, if I keep the 10.4 machine running OF all the time, after a day or two it gets stuck in this never ending sync. The sync icon keeps spinning and never really ends. I have to quit OF, and then tell it to Quit Now. When I start OF back up, it does it's initial sync just fine, and then it's ok again for another day or so. Wash.Rinse.Repeat.

It is only happening on this one Mac, the other 10.5 machines don't show this behavior. So I wasn't sure if it was an issue with 10.4 or if it's something else.
Along the same lines, I do an archive of old data once a month, do I need to run that process from ALL the clients or does just running it from one handle it?

Thanks ahead of time...