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I'm using a combination of the Omni's (OP, OF, & OG) to start and run multiple companies. Right now, our marketing company is just getting started with OF & I've org'd them with OG & set up a few process steps for them.
Now, I'm getting more advanced and am doing our entire restaurant buildout using OmniPlan, however, my personal "2 Do's" go in OminFocus so I can sync with iPhone & hopefully iPad soon.
SO, all I need is the ability to monitor the progress of a project that I have sorted and planned in OP, through OF. So, much like you can export an org for it, there should be a way to export a "group" under a project title. I find myself retyping everything I just put in OP in OF so that I can keep them in the project folders!

Ideally, it would work something like this: In my OF Project for the Restaurant, when I export from OP, I could get a group that says "Build Out". Expanding the group allows me to view the dependent tasks in order of necessary completion (taken from the OP project). Staff Resources become "People : Name" context. Cost & other variables can drop into the expanded notes if the user selects it.

Down the road, I'd love to see a fancy "sync" that checks OF for project status and "beams" it to OP that updates the % complete, cost, etc. THROUGH THE INTERWEBS so there is no wire or "nearness" necessary. Then when I complete something, my office will also know what tasks I am working on and the LIVE status of our projects.

It seems like OP is the perfect tool to layout the plan and OF is the perfect tool to update the Plan because it is MOBILE ... until you have OP for iPad! :) But even then, OF has an easier user interface for "checking off" next actions.

Thanks for the quality products! We love them and look forward to future advances!