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Yeah, Graffletopia is the way to go. But do read this thread, and this caveat. All stencils are not created equal. I have seen some of the silly isometric Visio style stencils uploaded to Graffletopia recently, that are better than those that were there before.

Aside. Personally, when working with custs who are Visio, Viso and nothing but Visio, I just give them such great OG drawings that they couldn't dream of erecting in Visio, that they just leave the drawing to me after that. Of course I choose what drawings I will do, and what they will do. But it is MUCH simpler and faster to have them send change requests to me, rather than all of us making changes to a single diagram. Half the problem is to get them to get away from the stupid (looks cute but communicates nothing semantic or symbolic )Visio isometric symbols, and get into the real world of standards (M$ is anti-standard, and it in itself is NOT a "de facto standard"; it is a single-vendor product, period), and standard symbols. Likewise, I use OG exclusively but the symbols are all standard: not Visio copies; not cutesy schmalsty; but rigid and consistent.

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