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Some of these questions are better answered by your fellow users, so I hope they'll chime in too. I'll just hit the ones that don't require any subjective opinions or experience with Merlin.

1) Yes. Email for more details.
2) ...
3) ...
4) This is consistent with what Macworld attendees said when they dropped by our booth.
5) OmniPlan can open OmniOutliner documents and export to the OmniOutliner format. It's not a live "sync" though. OmniFocus cooperation, most likely in some more live sync sort of form, is something we are seriously considering for 2.0.
6) ...
7) We can't promise anything about iPhone apps until we get the development tools (supposedly later this month). We certainly have dreams about getting OmniFocus data onto iPhones (errands list and ubiquitous capture at the very least), but it's less obvious what OmniPlan data could be condensed enough to go on an iPhone yet still be useful. If you have ideas about what you'd like to do with OmniPlan data on your iPhone, it'd be great to start another forum thread and get everyone's ideas going.
8) The honest answer is "nobody knows". The time is probably best measured in months, not weeks or decades. I really can't get more precise than that without a time machine or a crystal ball.