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I am an OmniFocus and OmniOutliner user and love Omni products. I am looking for a way to graph a high level view for planning resource allocation for my projects. While our PMO uses MS Project for major projects, I deal with smaller projects and since Project is not required, I prefer to stay away from its complexities.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a tool that would graph something like the below example, showing projects and the resources I have assigned to those projects over a period of time. My goal is to get a better handle on resource allocation so I don't over allocate, which I have a tendency to do. I really don't intend to create a WBS or identify individual tasks, though I might break down by project phase, so I'm not sure that OmniPlan would provide the desired graph, especially since I want to see resource allocation across many projects.

Thanks for any recommendation or suggestion you can provide. John

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Project 1 --------------------------------------------------------

Project 2 --------------------------------------

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