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Is this because a Waiting context is not a Next Action by definition?
That depends on whether or not you have set the context to be on hold. If you have (or are using the default Waiting context provided by Omni), then the only time an action with that context will be shown is if you are viewing Remaining or All actions (assuming it is not marked complete). An action assigned to an on hold context will never be shown as a next action, because a next action is by definition one that is available, and an action assigned to an on hold context is never available. There is however nothing that mandates that you have to have your Waiting context be on hold, and many people (including some at Omni) choose to have it as an active context, possibly using start dates to mark individual actions as temporarily inactive.

If you want a perspective that just shows items in your Waiting context, I would suggest a context mode view, with only the Waiting context selected in the sidebar, and Remaining actions shown, saved as a perspective with the Selection box ticked in the Restore section of the Show Perspectives window. That will give you all the items in that context no matter your choices for whether or not your Waiting context(s) are on hold or active.