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I can add that my solution is to keep "Waiting for" on hold since I have a "Waiting for"- perspective that is very useful and I check that regularly. I use due dates to give me a warning as well.
Additionally, I have sub contexts under "Waiting for" with the names of the people I most interact/collaborate with.
I don't want to have this in "Next Action" since that could easily lead me to untimely respond to/nag about something other people are supposed to do within a given time frame.
That problem could be solved with start dates for people who want to use an active waiting on context but don't want to see things until people have a chance to respond. If someone has a week to complete something, set a start date for six days days out on a task like "Follow-up on ..."

I might file a ticket for a feature request to have, in the inspector, context switching associated with start dates. So that a task in an on-hold or waiting on context moves to an active context (say email) when the start date hits.