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I'm sorry for the trouble this is causing. In previous cases where there's a new sync bug, we've gotten a big spike of reports all in a short period of time. We haven't had anything like that happen since 4.3 came out. (That doesn't completely rule out a new problem, of course; just means that if there is one, it doesn't appear to be widespread.)

The most common causes of something like this would be one or several of the following:
  • The Mac and the iOS device have somehow ended up on different wireless networks. The workaround here would be to double-check each device's connection and switch networks if necessary.
  • The Mac has OS X's built-in Firewall active, and it's preventing OmniFocus for iPhone from sending messages to the Mac. For info on configuring the firewall, look here.
  • Little Snitch or some similar application is installed on the Mac and is blocking communication. (Intego NetBarrier is another possibility here; there may be others.)

If those don't help, give us a call at 800.315.6664 or email the support ninjas and we'll be happy to assist. Sorry again for the trouble this is causing!