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Yes, the inspector can be used to do it manually, but the shadow settings can't be set from Applescript (hence the post in this forum, rather than Omnigraffle General). Unless I've missed it, and if so, please let me know the property name to set shadow placement :)

Many thanks for the response.
The property is called "shadow vector". I quickly found this by dragging a circle onto the canvas, setting the shadow offset to {+17, +17}, then using Edit->Copy As->AppleScript and pasting the results into a text file which I searched for "17":

tell application "OmniGraffle Professional"
	tell canvas of front window
		make new shape at end of graphics with properties {name: "Circle", textSize: {0.800000, 0.700000}, size: {133.000000, 107.000000}, origin: {128.000000, 236.000000}, textPosition: {0.100000, 0.150000}, shadow vector: {17.000000, 17.000000}}
	end tell
end tell
Hope that helps!