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I was hoping that OmniGroup might follow the example of 1Password who are offering their iPhone and Palm programs free with their current (1st) release. I thought they might have done this to thank the people who bought their first release. As far as the argument that those users who do not have an iPhone or iPod Touch would be subsidizing this feature, I think that this really is more of a feature, than a program. Like Apple's Mail program. One of it's features is that it will run on OS X on your desktop, laptop, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

The current cost for a single user OmniFocus license is five cents short of $80 US. For some budgets this may not be a lot, but for others it is not cheap. I believe that offering the iPhone/iPod Touch feature of OF to the early adopters will create a lot of good press and good will. OG can show its appreciation of these early adopters, and build goodwill by showing that it values its early adopters as much as Agile Web Solutions (creators of 1Password) does.