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I actually believe that proper giving doesn't sound good, but is good. I am happy to reward OG for their good efforts, and do so whenever I buy a license from them.

My suggestion was that OG might consider following a certain course of action that would show their appreciation of the early adopters of OF, following the example of the 1Password, who is offering the iPhone version of their program free to early adopters for a limited time. Don't get me wrong, I do want OG to make a reasonable profit on their software.

I was not suggesting that OF users are asking for OG to do this, but that if OG followed this course of action there would probably be many users of OF who would appreciate such a course of action, and that it would engender a certain level of goodwill towards the company. Or think of it this way, how much more enthusiastic would the typical person be about recommending a company that had done something like 1Password did? Or let's say that I buy something with a three year warranty, and that product fails two weeks after the three year warranty, but the company replaces that product. Don't you think that I will enthusiastically recommend and use that product? When companies built goodwill, and that goodwill is not abused, I believe that it comes back to them in many ways. In OG's defense they did make offer a very nice pre-release price of OF. Again I want OG be fairly compensated for their efforts, and only they have the information at their disposal to determine if following the example of 1Password might be a suitable course of action for them.