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"Keep Sorted" is not really part of a style, right? It seems to be only on the drop-down Reorganize menu. I guess you have to access it from there and only there?

What I can't figure out, is that it seems if you turn on Keep Sorted, it turns it on for every single level in the outline. So if you had previously sorted certain levels manually, or even certain areas, and you suddenly turn on Keep Sorted by mistake, it blows all your manual sorting out of the water immediately for all levels. Is this true?

I think I accidentally did this on several large outlines, so I'm looking at the potential for having lost the manual sort of 100s of procedures I wrote up, which are necessary NOT supposed to be in alphabetical order. I thought by selecting Level 1 and choosing Keep Sorted, it was only going to affect that level. Aaaarrgh.

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