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I am new to this forum, so there might be a redundant topic, but I was wondering how people use OmniOutliner to be more productive at work. All too often, it seems, people concentrate how to use specific features of programs instead of how to use programs in their life. So I was wondering, specifically, how do people use OmniOutliner in their life?

I use OmniOutliner to organize my thoughts as I develop websites. I organize each step of the process using it.

The reason I like OmniOutliner is that it allows you to see the structure of thoughts and arguments, and allows you to make a linear ouline from non-linear thoughts. This might be trivial, but an outline on paper is much more difficult than an OmniOutliner outline, because paper forces you to think more linear. I also remember things better when they are linear even though I think non-linearly.