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Normally the View Bar state is not saved as part of a perspective, so far as I can tell. However, if the perspective which has the non-default view bar state (in your case, no view bar) is set to open as a new window, as you have it, then taking a snapshot of the perspective with the view bar as you want it and the Restore Layout box checked seems to make the right thing happen. If you recycle that window to open a different perspective, however, the new perspective will get the view bar state left behind by the previous use.

I have one perspective that brings up a new window showing a focused list of template projects, and does not display the sidebar, the view bar, the tool bar, most of the columns. I close it when I am done with it, so the view bar issue goes away. If you want half of your perspectives to show the view bar and half not to, the path of least resistance is probably just to memorize cmd-shift-V (and send in a feature request with Help->Send Feedback).