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Hi! I'd have sent an email, but I wanted to post here so other people could weigh in.

I'm an engineering student, and taking math/science notes my a Mac is a nightmare, albeit barely moreso than managing the amount of paper I do. There are already multiple capacitive stylus products out there, and the iPad (plus BT keyboard) has gotten me really excited.

So here's what I think you need. Give us an 'insert freeform' button in the outliner. Press it, and a clean, blank page pops up, allowing you to draw. Pinch to adjust the canvas dimensions. Several buttons on the edge let you adjust the drawing tools and insert basic text objects (math/greek would be nice). A big 'done' button lets you pick a resolution (vector image? or simply a downsize option?) and then pastes it onto the cursor. Now you have the illustrative power of a whiteboard, within the organizing power of an outliner. Surely that's the future.

Obviously if this doesn't happen in OmniOutliner I'll look for workarounds, like closing the outliner, opening a drawing app, saving to clipboard, and pasting back into the outline. Multitasking is coming, which will help, and maybe Apple will put a little freeform feature into Pages soon. I might actually settle for that. But the first program that integrates this into an outliner has my dollars, and I'd love them to go to Omnigroup. OmniOutliner is one of the most important apps for the Mac; I think it could be the same for the iPad.