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As a postscript, I have now amended the file to ver 0.6 which uses the form:

tell application id "OFOC" -- OmniFocus
which should, I think, be compatible with Appstore-purchased and directly-purchased versions of OmniFocus, and perhaps even (touches wood) OmniFocus 2, when it comes ...

If Omni are using variant bundle-identifiers for all their AppStore versions, then there may be quite a lot of these edits to make. Apple was arguing when OS X 10.5 was released that the switch to the id + bundle identifier form would be a good idea because developers were less likely to change the bundle name than the application name. This seemed to make sense:
tell application "OmniGraffle Professional 5"
for example, did look as if it might have a shorter shelf-life than:
tell application id "com.omnigroup.OmniGrafflePro"
but 天有不测风云 (something like: 'the extreme sensitivity of non-linear systems to initial conditions makes them hard to model and predict' or just 'winds and clouds are hard to fathom' - though Google Translate offers a more extreme summary) and in retrospect it might have been more prudent to retreat to:
tell application id "OGfl" -- OmniGraffle
tell application id "OFOC" -- OmniFocus
tell application id "OOut" -- OmniOutliner
tell application id "OPla" -- OmniPlan
etc, but this seemed a bit illegible at the time ...


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