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On Lion, OmniOutliner uses the OS's autosave support and has none of the configurability that it has in Snow Leopard.

Unfortunately, there's no way to disable autosave in OmniOutliner on Lion. I sent email to their support team, and got this response:

Thanks for your email. Hmm, this is a tricky one, as the Autosave feature is one of the primary additions to Lion, and Apple has made it difficult to change the behavior. There is not a way to do this via OmniOutliner, but I found a discussion with some instructions that might help out in general.

[link elided]

We had to make many changes to accommodate the autosave feature in our apps, including taking out the options to manually save. Perhaps in subsequent releases of the OS, Apple will allow us to offer some alternative options.I apologize for any inconvenience- several folks have written to us to let us know that they have sent feedback directly to Apple about autosave issues, so that might be worth a thought!
(I removed the link because it wasn't actually helpful, and because this forum doesn't let you put links in your first post.)