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How does one change the Creator variable on an existing Graffle file?

Download a Graffle template
Use Template to build out a professional Wireframe for client
Template includes <%creator> variable in footer of original template creator

Since, the document contents are "mine" I would need to change the creator attribute to my name.

Per Graffle help:
"Creator the name of the user who created the file, according to Mac OS X's file system."

Navigating Finder >File Info on the Graffle file, NO creator field is listed. Can't seem to find the creator attribute in Lepoard. A colleague suggested that "Creator" was a Mac OS 9 holder over and no longer used in Lepoard?

Tried using a "Page Info" program FileInfo v. 1.3

BUT it errors when it tried to open the Graffle file - not to surprised.

This can't be this hard can it? Switched from a PC/Visio - either File Properties from Visio would of easily gotten this done.

Thoughts? Help. I feel like I am in first grade with these tools.

Using Macbook Air OS X 10.5.2
Graffle Pro 4.2.2