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Whenever I try to create several actions at once for the same project using the quick-entry panel, OF lists them in reverse order.

To explain with a hypothetical example:
- I invoke the quick-entry panel;
- I create action 1 for project x (a sequential project);
- I hit shift-return to create a new action;
- I create action 2 for project x;
- I hit return twice to save these new actions in OF;
- when I switch to OF and enter planning mode, I find that, under project x, action 2 is listed first and action 1 is listed second. In other words, the system is automated to show me the wrong next action.

Is there any way around this? It's a hassle having to reorder the actions back in planning mode when an apparently simple tweak would solve the problem. Or am I missing something?

Obviously, this is a problem that gets worse the more sequential actions you try to enter at once. Indeed, it defeats the object of the quick-entry panel, because it means that, if you want to enter multiple actions for the same project, you're better off invoking the panel multiple times (or switching back to OF).

Two related questions I have are these:
- Why does the quick-entry panel scroll down instead of up?
- And is this at the root of the problem I've just described?

I should add that, as a whole, the app looks fantastic, and I'll be pre-ordering my copy of Version 1 very soon.

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