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We are absolutely going to fix this problem, and I'm really sorry we haven't been able to get a fix out for it yet. Here's a bit of explanation on why it hasn't happened yet.

Our general approach is to try and give the highest priority to the stuff that helps our customers the most. The way we attempt to measure that is by looking at the number of times a customer has told us that they need a given change in a support email or phone call. Bug age, severity, and how easy a fix is to do also play a role in the process, of course; I'm oversimplifying a bit here.

For what it's worth, in the conversation I had with Ken about this, he uttered the phrase "nothing in printing is easy". :-)

Sorting the open items in the database by the number of requests attached, this one comes in at #30; there's one other printing item on the list. We're definitely not ignoring issues; we're trying to address our customers' highest priorities first. As we knock off other issues, this one will move up that list; if other folks need this change, sending email to the support ninjas will also help that happen.