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It is a pure crap to be used with an iPod/iPhone ...
That isn't my experience, and I suspect word would have gotten around in sufficient quantity to prevent them from selling as many copies of the iPod/iPhone version as they have if it really was true. Are you interested in getting it working, or venting?

I am disappointed because usually Omnigroup makes good softwares.
This is no exception!
But, when comes the time to use it with its iPod/iPhone client ... it is really a pain, the synchronisation will just never work whatever you do : deactivate the Firewall, stopp LittleSnitch running if you intalled it, no result it will just never work, if you use an older version, the 1.5, it will just never work too untill you deactivate the Firewall.

I am sorry, but it is the ONLY one application that is not working with my iPod.
You really ought to be running the latest versions on both desktop and mobile device. Especially in 10.4 there are some Bonjour sync issues which are fixed in the most recent version.
1password that offers the same features of syncing a database with an iPod/iPhone works perfectly without having to trick a firewall there or to deactivate these other feature here ...
That's great, but it makes a lousy task manager :)
So yes i am disappointed especially because even the support will not care and is not able to do soemthing !
You know they don't care because...?

In any case, I suggest you go try Ken's suggestions in this thread to set OmniFocus to use a single, fixed port so that you can configure your firewall accordingly.