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Apologies if this has been raised up already. I'm using OF 1.8.1 r138877.

If OF is open and I actuate a perspective url, everything works as expected, new window opens with the perspective in the url.

If OF is closed and I actuate a perspective url, OF opens, and whatever window was open when it was last closed opens, but the perspective in the URL does not open in a separate window.

I use webdav sync, so after OF opens I get a dialog to log-in to my webdav location. Perhaps this is interrupting whatever process opens up the perspective window.

Has anyone else had this issue? I'm just realizing that I can have iCal open a perspective link at a specified time, which could be a good way of reminding me to look at my daily routines perspective first thing in the morning.

But it would be best if it worked the same way whether OF is already open or currently closed.