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The problem I have is that the tasks in the projects I'm scheduling often have highly unpredictable ordering of tasks. This means I often want to reorder the tasks before marking them completed. (Essentially, my tasks are more of a 'backlog' from agile methodology, than a rigid plan.)

What I wanted to do was just set the priority high on all the about to be completed tasks, then level to make them slot in after the previously completed tasks.

Setting the "don't schedule before date" sort of works, but it becomes difficult if the completed tasks for different resources finish on different dates. Then I can't use a single "don't schedule before" date, I have to use different ones for each resource. Then I'm left selecting tasks for each resource, figuring out the right date, and then leveling the tasks for that resource.

It would be much simpler if there was an option to have the leveling code not schedule new tasks on top of completed tasks.

Of course, maybe there is a better workflow that I'm missing?

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