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I don't buy the premise that tracking the network state is too difficult with all the OS versions they support. They've got all the pieces they need already. They track the state of the last sync attempt (necessary to put up the ! annunciator in the sync button) and they have machinery for scheduling another sync attempt after a fixed interval of time. When it is time to sync, start a truncated binary exponential backoff with a slot time of a second or so and a ceiling of 4 or 5 attempts. Only set the error flag if you make it to the ceiling, or you get a hard error (password incorrect, for example).
Well, I see this problem greater than 90% of the time I wake my laptop. I mean, it's EVERY TIME.

And the laptop has a working network connection within 10 seconds of waking, max (it's more like 5 seconds). So OF is hitting the "fail" state of the backoff within 5 seconds? Sounds like a pretty crappy implementation to me.

Note I don't have the same problems on my desktop, but IMO the performance on my laptop is frankly terrible. I'm not generally that critical of software but I really think the OF sync system, while workable, is not a good experience (it's slow with all the zip files; requires you to remember to sync all your client regularly, and it doesn't sync on wake properly).

I've contacted support on this 2 or 3 times over the past 3 years and "Yeah, we'll fix it" is the answer, but here we are 3 years later... still not fixed. Sure, if I start entering data in OF it will sync, or after an hour it may rectify itself, but that's like a freaking hour my data is out of sync if I _don't_ enter data in OF.