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The thing is: I just don't get it. My MacBook Pro connects to the Internet very quickly (probably < 3s) and still, sync fails.
Like I said, time from waking from sleep until the first time OmniFocus gets a chance to run can be a very short time. If it was scheduled to sync while it was sleeping, it will try to sync immediately, and fail because either the MacBook hasn't connected to the network, or depending on your networking setup, your router hasn't connected to the outside world. The networking stack doesn't issue predictions on when it thinks the network will be back up, it just reports failure :-)
And just like CatOne, I get this error EVERY SINGLE TIME. It's not sporadic at all: every time I open my computer, it crops up.
I would expect that in the same circumstances, you would get repeatable behavior.
It ends up creating doubts about whether everything is in sync. To the point that, if I close my MacBook Po, I often wonder whether OmniFocus had synced.
By default, OmniFocus syncs 1 minute after you make any change, and hourly thereafter. (It is possible to change both of those values via the Terminal, but rarely necessary.) If it has been more than a minute, and you don't have the "!" in the middle of the Sync button indicating a failure, you've synced. If there's any doubt, click the sync button and wait until it stops turning.