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What I think happens now is that OF starts running when you open the laptop, notices that the clock is past the time when it is scheduled to do its next sync, and promptly goes and tries to do a sync. The network hasn't come up yet (OF probably gets scheduled within 1 second of the machine waking) and the effort fails. There does not appear to be any attempt to try again, just the regularly scheduled periodic sync, plus anything triggered by user action.
Well, right. One try and fail seems pretty cruddy, especially if the try is before the network stack is up (which, again, is up in less than 10 seconds).

While I agree that this is annoying and should have been fixed long ago, tapping the sync button does give a pretty easy remedy! Even if you left your laptop awake, you're still going to have to force a sync if you want to make sure that every last change has been brought over before you start work, unless you've dialed the value of MaximumTimeBetweenSync down to a small number...
It's an annoying remedy, though, _especially_ since when you force the sync you get a modal dialog box as well. The whole sync behavior of OmniFocus is a bit "in your face" in the dialog box, as well as the blocking dialog box on the iOS clients. Other more modern sync systems seem to do it in the background without blocking the whole application.