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Okay, so this isn't a super flawless, Android sync solution, but it'll do one thing I really need which is to be able to read a list from Omnifocus on my Android phone. Here's what I did:

1) chose the data you want to be on your phone.
2) File>Export
3) save as csv format (comma separated Values)
4) email yourself the file.
5) In Android Market I downloaded the following 3 free programs all by a developer OpenIntents
--OI Notepad
--OI File Manager
--OI convert CSV

On my phone I open OI Notepad>Menu>Open From SD card

Find my file and voila - it gives me a really nice list that's easy to read, and addresses and phone numbers are linked so that I can just click on them and open maps or dialer as need be.

Not the ideal solution for everyone desperate for Android syncing, but for me this will improve my quality of life A LOT!