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At the moment shared layers make sense only if one wants to share nonfunctional objects between canvasses.

This is a problem when designing diagrams and connections between objects (as discussed in the thread titled "Connecting objects on shared layer and normal layer", sorry for no direct link, but apparently only users that have posted more than 3 times are allowed to post URLs :O), but also makes wireframe design difficult.

Here are a couple of cases in which I've had problems with using shared layers recently:
- Navigation bar which looks exactly the same to all types of users but opens different looking pages to regular users vs. administrators.
- Image gallery with thumbnails that are links to more detailed image pages; thumbnail layout is the same across different contexts (different categories selected) but clicking on the thumbnail should take to different pages, depending on the context.
The limitation makes it very difficult to create at least semifunctional HTML prototypes. If anybody knows the way around the problem, I will be more than eager to hear that.

There is clearly a need for objects on shared layers to inherit only some attributes (style related and geometry) but not others (connections, actions, notes) and I wonder whether Omni has any plans of implementing this in the near future?