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Originally Posted by aryayush
Now that I have understood how workspaces work in OmniWeb, I find them really useful and cool - almost as good as Opera's. What I did not like is that you have to take a snapshot of a blank workspace to delete an existing snapshot. No one would be able to guess that without looking at the help files.
I would have ;) But I have also used workspaces quit a bit.

Now that I know, it's fine for me, but new users will always be confused when they take a snapshot while experimenting with workspaces and OmniWeb keeps launching that snapshot each time they open the browser.

To me it doesn't make sense to be continually taking snapshots, let alone getting it all down to just one blank workspace. But that's just the way I work. I have a dozen or so workspaces, each one setup with a default set of windows and tabs for the given workspace. For example, my "Chat" workspace has a number of fourms and news web sites. I have autosave turned on, so if those forums link to other sites, all of those windows get saved. But if I want to go back to the default set, I just reload the snapshot.

If I wanted to clear out a workspace completely, I would hold down the option key while closing a window, then hit command+control+t. In one click and one hit of a keyboard shortcut, I've got a snapshot of a blank workspace.

P.S. - Aren't there any developers of OmniWeb on this forum? How do I know whether they have taken note of any of these requests or not?
This is more of a members-helping-members forum. The Omni employees do post here, but it's not guaranteed that they read everything.