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Not to dismiss anyone's need for multiple contexts, but I wanted to make sure you were aware that you can select multiple contexts in Context Mode and see all of the included actions. Cmd-click the contexts in the sidebar to select them.

You can even save these as perspectives. For example, when I'm at the local coffee shop with my laptop, I use a perspective Traveling with Network that shows most of my computer contexts (omitting the machines that aren't with me), plus my phone and briefcase contexts.

I understand that selecting multiple contexts is not the same as putting a task in multiple contexts. But I've found that in a remarkable number of my use cases the "single-context-per-action, multiple-contexts actionable" approach works well. (The main gap in my system is for things that fall into two completely disjoint contexts. For example, I could buy a new shirt on-line or in a store. But I'm never simultaneously in my Web and Errands contexts, so I have to choose one.)