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I wouldn't want to use arbitrary tags, but after using OF for six months, I've decided that it would be nice to allow an action to be added to multiple contexts.

That raises some UI issues, though. If you drag an action from the outline into a context, does that change its context or add a new one? I'll often drag an action from my Office or Study context into Briefcase, when I put the relevant support material in my briefcase: in that case, I want to change the context. On the other hand, if I need to talk to Sue and it doesn't matter whether I do it face-to-face or on the phone, I might want "Talk to Sue about the brochure layout" in both my Office and my Phone contexts.

But what if Sue decides to start telecommuting before I can talk to her? I might then want to change the Office context to Email, without deleting Phone. Do I do this by dragging, and if so, how? By switching to Planning mode and deleting the Office context? How are multiple contexts going to be represented? How much code would need to be rewritten to allow an action to appear multiple times in Context mode when actions are grouped by context?

In short, a lot of thought needs to go into multiple contexts before they can be implemented effectively. And for me, the marginal return on going from no contexts to one context (i.e., implementing GTD) is much, much greater than it would be in going from one to two contexts for some actions, so I'm content to wait a while for multiple contexts.

And as Curt noted, you can select multiple contexts. My base work at home perspective includes half a dozen contexts.

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