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Let me add another voice to this request thread.

I immediately recognized the need for this after watching the first screencasts over the summer long before I had my hands on the beta. I put in a question about this in July and at the time Omni said "not for this release". Now that I'm using the beta I feel the need for it more than ever.

The problem for many people in using an app like this is how to set it up (since it is uber flexible). Omni would do well to have several different starter templates based on different roles (Real Estate Agent, School Teacher etc) with some preset contexts, like iCal starts with Home and Work. (in addition to the generic ones it comes with).

The benefit of multiple contexts is that of relational databases, or aliases - and is the strength of electronic data. One thing can exist in two places at once.

If I have a phone call that I have to make from the office - do I put it under office, or phone. So many people are used to free-form tagging, this wouldn't be far off.

If I use the approach for hierarchy, and put it under Office:phone - there is no simple context method to see all my phone calls. I have to use a filter or perspective (which I haven't yet even dug into).

I don't think the UI issues are insurmountable.