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Hi All,

Thanks for making the beta available for comment. Here are some comments :-)

* No link back - no deep contexts - no calendar love

When I do perform a sync, a todo is created when applicable. However, these todos are completely isolated. There is no context, no link back to OmniFocus. To continue with the MailTags example, if I create a calendar event with MailTags the event (or todo) has a URL filled in which allows me to click through back to the mail message.

This makes it a lot more useful, a lot more meaningful. I can navigate from Mail to calendar and back again. With OmniFocus, I can't do this in either direction. In other words:
a) I can't navigate back to the item in OmniFocus from iCal
b) I can't navigate from an item in OmniFocus to iCal either (I can only set the date/event and have it synced). If I could navigate, I could determine what else I have lined up for that day, is it a birthday day etc.

Addressbook has similar navigation. ie. they introduce a URI scheme addressbook://somefuzzyURL

How about a OmniFocus://someUniqueItemID that lets me navigate back to an item, and having this data synced with the item to allow this circular navigation?

* Syncing in manual

I find it rather odd that I have to go to the menu and hit "Synchronize with iCal". This seems to be an expensive operation, and takes a while (30 seconds :-) ) even though I don't have *that* many items.

I use MailTags (next best thing since slice bread) and there I can assign a calendar event to a mail item and it happens instantly. The advantage of this is that it amortizes the cost of changes too.

Can't we have an "auto-sync" in OmniFocus?