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Could you be a little more specific about when the unwanted connections take place? I've never seen that happen while drawing with the option key held down.

Does it have to do with moving shapes around after the line is drawn?
Thanks to both of the above for replying.

Option 1 Above) I have to lock the layer and work on a new layer unnecessarily just to stop the default line from automatically connecting to shapes. But the properties of that line are still to make automatic connections, so any movement of an end point will automatically attempt to connect to a shape

Option 2 (John Gersh) - holding option will prevent line from initially connecting to a shape, but again the properties of the default line are still set to automatically connect. Therefore any movement of an end point will make the line jump to the nearest shape

It would be solved if I could just set my new line with the automatic connections turned off as a favorite line style, but the option is greyed out.