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The next version needs to address the short coming of not being able to create a list of things that need to be done based on any order of tasks and contexts.

Specifically, the only way for sort within a conext is to sort the projects. So, the higher projects appear first in the context list. Then the contexts are sorted into the order needed and filters applied to limit the list down to the list of things to do.

The problem with the approach are that it is extermely laborous and is not capable of creating a complex list based on what I intuitive want to do.

I don't want to have to sort my projects to change the sort order of contexts because it makes finding specific projects harder. I prefer to keep the projects in a simple alphabetical order.

Secondly, I may have five things in the first context and then three things in a second context but that doesn't mean I want to do things in that order. Therefore, corrently I am expected to jump up and down my list of things to do, and I am suppose to remember where I am which is not what a GTD system is suppose to do.

Specifically, I may need to do three of five things in context one, which I intuitively was able to sort, and then do the three things in context two, and then to the remaining two things in context one.

So, the context mode of the current version of omnifocus is setup to work just like the project mode; however, it should not be set up that way. Or there should be a planning your day mode where one can put context and then some items from that contexts. Then another different context and some tasks etc. Most importantly, I should be allowed to put the same context more than once until I have a list of the things I need to do in the order and contexts that I want to do them in.

Therefore, the sorting order of tasks within context should be manual and the contexts should be thrown onto the list as the user sees fit.

For Example,

Context: Den
clean den
move furniture out
paint den

Context Garage
clean out garage
throw trash away

Context Den
(now that pant is dry) move furniture back into den.

I have been requesting this since the earlist alpha stages. Currently Omnifocus does not support the GTD model of intuitive planning of what to do which verson one should have been able to do.