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I am trying to use the export applescript and while I follow the script documentation I can't see what the properties should be defined as.

For example, your documentation reads:

export v : Export a document.
export specifier : The document(s) or window(s) to save.
[to file] : The file in which to save the document.
[as text] : The type of file to save as. Possible values are 'CSV', 'MPX', 'MSPDI' (which is MS Project XML), 'ICAL', 'PNG', 'PDF', 'TIFF', 'JPEG', 'OmniOutliner v3', 'OmniGraffle', 'HTML Task List', 'HTML Resource List', and 'HTML Full Report'. More valid export types may be added in the future.
[using template file or text] : Name (if the template is in a standard location) or file of the template to be used for export.
[with properties export settings] : current export settings for this project.

(the properties export shows up as a hyperlink, but does nothing when I click it).

So, if I have the script:

tell application "OmniPlan"
set mydoc to open "/Users/myuser/Plans/MyPlan.omniplan"
export mydoc to "/Users/myuser/Plans/Reports/MyPlan.htmld" as "HTML Full Report" using template "My Detail Output"
end tell

I want to add to the end of this "with properties " but I can't find documentation to tell me how to specify that I want it to export with the .htmld extension (right now it doesn't).

Also, when exporting I is exporting with a filter applied. How do I tell OmniPlan in applescript to not filter, or to filter using a criteria.