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Thanks, Brian, for forwarding the request! :)

I understand what you're saying, and I agree. I guess this is just a preference feature because I will always do the same 20 things for each project, but I want to go down the list and mentally check off what I completed to make sure I didn't miss anything because mistakes can happen sometimes if I'm interrupted while working.

For instance, if my project was Mow the Lawn and due on Friday, the sub-actions would be:

(1) Pull it out of the shed.
(2) Pull the cord.
(3) Push it.

For the record, I do not have projects like this in OmniFocus for typical things lol. Without explaining my complicated workflow, I'm just giving a simple comparison. The projects I do at work are done the same way, and it's nice to glance down a checklist of things before sending it off to be sure I didn't miss a step. When I see that a project is due soon, I work on that project, and I've memorized what I have to do. The main step and only action is to complete the project, which is where I would want to see "only" the one due date reminder, so the other reminders for various projects stand out. Now, I see a reminder of 40 things, when I probably only have about 10 things total for other various home and work projects because I'm being reminded for the sub-actions.