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Hi, everyone.

I have a project template that I duplicate for work. Each project has four main actions. In each of those four actions, I have about five sub-actions.

I need to know the due date for the project. When I assign a date, I don't need to be reminded that all 20+ actions are due that day as well. If I had three projects that are due soon, I'd rather see a 3 on my apps instead of a 15.

Any ideas? Thanks for your time. :)

Hi Adam,

I had encountered the same situation (I have a work template, where I only want to be reminded of the project as a whole).

What I've done, and David Allen might frown here, is to create a task at the end of the template with a name similar to the task itself. (ie: "Done When: Photographs sent to Client X")

I put the due date just on that last task to represent the whole project. That also allows me to put appropriate due dates on the intermittent tasks as the project requires.