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I'd like to be able to insert a single line hyperlink that will take me to an email within apple mail - is there a way to do this.


I do not have OmniOutliner but I wrote an applescript for OmniFocus, that does exactly this and takes the link from Email and formats it as a message.

What this script will do is just grab the mail ID from Mail that is selected and put it in the buffer so you can paste it in.

Now if someone has OmniOutliner they can then add the rest, but at least this will help you in some way.

HTML Code:
tell application "Mail"
	tell application "Mail" to activate
	-- Get the Selection in Mail
	set theSelection to selection
        set theMessageID to the message id of item 1 of theSelection
        set theMessageURL to "message:%3C" & theMessageID & "%3E"
        set the clipboard to theMessageURL
        end tell
end tell