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I'll go ahead and add a feature request for you on this, Adam. Thanks!

For what it's worth: in my experience, most folks don't have projects that are predictably uniform in this manner.
Can you add my vote for this as an option?

I have lots of those types of projects. They are repeating ones and are typically things like Federal Vet Inspection, or vaccinations for the sheep flock. Often what I have is once I set a start date I want the rest of the due dates to chunk along a certain number of days later. FOr example, if the project is vaccinate new lambs. I know that for the vaccine I use I have to start the first vaccines at 8-10 weeks after birth and the second set 3 weeks later. So I know the dates as soon as the first lambs come. There may be a number of individual steps that have to happen (getting a prescription for vaccine, getting needles and syringes, buying the vaccine itself etc but the critical part is the due date on the whole project and it's consistent from year to year based on the start date of that project in any given year.