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I'm trying to use the "Send to Inbox" service to clip emails and other text to OmniFocus items. I keep getting the error dialog "The 'OmniFocus: Send to Inbox' service could not be used.' No other details as far as I can see. The buttons are "show application" and "OK".

Although it's worked before, the service currently not working in any application at all. In Mail, there's the additional symptom that after selecting the "Mail > Services ..." menu item, there is a long delay before the submenu pops up, and another long delay after choosing the OmniFocus Send to Inbox service before I get the exact same error dialog.

I've read the sticky thread about clipping from Mail to OF. I don't think that's my problem because the service does appear, and the shortcut "works" in that the shortcut and menu item do the same thing. Unfortunately, the thing it does is give me a nondescript error.

Any clues would help a lot!