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I just upgraded to Leopard on my PowerBook. When starting OmniWeb, I'm now confronted with a nice error message stating that OmniWeb is

'Unable to create configuration folder

OmniWeb likes to store its bookmarks, history, and cookies in a folder called '(null)' in your home folder, but was unable to do so because it encountered the following problem:


You can still run OmniWeb right now, but it won't be able to remember your bookmarks, history, and cookies properly. We recommend resolving the problem before you continue'.

Options are to Quit, Continue and to Try again. When pressing continue, OmniWeb displays the cached start page, but is not able to recreate a new environment: neither saving (or opening) new bookmarks nor opening the preferences.

The original OmniWeb preference folder is still sitting in my home folder/Application Support and the permissions are set to Read & Write.

Kind of clueless,