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You should be able to translate your column of 2d 3w 5m strings into an adjacent column of real dates (exportable to OF) by selecting your oo3 source column (click its header to make the whole column blue), and then running an applescript like this, which will create a new column next to it, containing dates calculated as today+3w (three weeks) etc.

set dteToday to date (short date string of (current date))

tell application id "com.omnigroup.OmniOutlinerPro3"
	tell front document
			set oSrcCol to first selected column
		on error
			display dialog "No column selected ..." & return & return & 
				"Select column containing 1d 2w 3m etc, and run the script again"
		end try
		set idSrc to id of oSrcCol
		set oTgtCol to make new column at after oSrcCol with properties {name:"Resulting Dates", type:date}
		set idTgt to id of oTgtCol
		repeat with oRow in rows
			copy dteToday to dteBase
			set strDelta to value of cell id idSrc of oRow
			set dteResult to my DatePlus(dteBase, strDelta)
			if dteResult is not missing value then set value of cell id idTgt of oRow to dteResult
		end repeat
	end tell
end tell

on DatePlus(dte, strNUnits)
	copy dte to dteNew
	if length of strNUnits < 2 then return missing value
	set strUnit to last character of strNUnits
		set lngDelta to (text 1 thru ((length of strNUnits) - 1) of strNUnits) as integer
	on error
		return missing value
	end try
	ignoring case
		if strUnit = "d" then
			return dteNew + lngDelta * days
		else if strUnit = "w" then
			return dteNew + lngDelta * weeks
		else if strUnit = "y" then
			set (year of dteNew) to (year of dteNew) + lngDelta
			return dteNew
		else if strUnit = "m" then
			-- Get current month and year
			set lngMonth to (month of dteNew) * 1
			set lngYear to (year of dteNew)
			-- and simply add the increment to the month, 
			-- negative possibly getting something negative, and/or too large
			set lngNewMonth to lngMonth + lngDelta
			-- get the YEAR
			set lngDateMonth to lngNewMonth mod 12
			set lngYearDelta to lngNewMonth div 12
			-- if we have gone down to a negative month, we are already in the previous year, 
			-- regardless of any multiples of 12
			if lngDateMonth ≤ 0 then set lngYearDelta to (lngYearDelta - 1)
			if lngYearDelta is not 0 then
				set lngDateYear to lngYear + lngYearDelta
				set lngDateYear to lngYear
			end if
			-- and the MONTH
			if lngDateMonth is 0 then
				set lngDateMonth to 12
			else if lngDateMonth < 0 then
				set lngDateMonth to (12 + lngDateMonth)
			end if
			-- and update the date variable
			if lngYear is not lngDateYear then set (year of dteNew) to lngDateYear
			if lngMonth is not lngDateMonth then set (month of dteNew) to lngDateMonth
			return missing value
		end if
	end ignoring
end DatePlus

Last edited by RobTrew; 2010-09-07 at 02:33 AM.. Reason: DatePlus() tested against Mathematica for all values -1000m to +1000m. Now passes test :-)