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Here's a conflict/issue with OmniFocus that I don't have with OmniOutliner. It relates to Spell Catcher (from RainMaker) and how OF deals with Tabs, Returns and Enter. (Apple's Numbers app has this same issue).

Let's say I enter this text in OmniFocus:
Item One
then hit the Return key and attempt to type:
Item Two

Immediately after pressing the space bar after the second word "Item", SpellCatcher flags as Questionable Spelling the word "OneItem" even though I've pressed the Return Key in between.

I posted at RainMaker and they explained that what they do is "steal" characters like tab, return and perhaps others in such a way that input methods never get to "see" them. If Spell Catcher never actually gets the tab or return keystroke, it has no way to know that you've ended one word and typed another.

Since this relates to another third-party app, I guess it's not a bug per se, but just wondered what's different in the way OmniFocus and OmniOutliner deal with Tabs, Returns and Enters that allows OO to play nice with SCX, but OF to not.