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I'm hoping that Omniprogrammers would take a look at some of the calendar apps to see how they deal with dates.

BusyCal has something like this with Repeat this event every Monday or every 2 weeks until Date X.

For the moment, the only thing I can do is to just have the task repeat itself.

But then I put another task on the end date with a reminder to "Stop repeating Event A". Then I'd have the start date and due date set to the last date. That reminds me to delete the repeating task on that date.

Here's an example: My wife will be on a business trip and needs me to water the plants every day until she returns on Feb 20, 2014.

Today's date: Feb 4, 2014 - I enter the following task:

Task: Water the garden while the wife is gone. Repeat every day

Then I enter a new task:

Task: Delete water garden task.
Start date: Feb 20, 2014
End date: Feb 20, 2014

I won't see this new task until Feb 20, 2014. It will be due on this date and can be seen in the Due perspective or in forecast view on my iOS device.

This is how I handle it. Hopefully a future version of OmniFocus will have better date handling such as: "repeat every 3rd Monday of the month for 3 months."
Thanks. That's a good idea, I guess it's a necessary hack.