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Hm, I'm still stuck.

I found this list of UTI's for mac and it showed the UTI as "public.html" for html for example. So I plugged it into the code as:

export to outputPath as "public.html"
That and other variations did not work either. I seem to be misunderstanding something.

I'm also not sure how I'm supposed to use the "every document type" command, do I need that if I have the list of UTI's above? I tried

tell application "omnioutliner" 
   display dialog every document type as text
end tell
but I just got an error saying it can't be made into text.

I'm pretty new to applescript so I think I need you to elaborate a little bit more with your answer as I'm obviously missing something. What exactly do I need to type to export exactly the same way as selecting "HTML (Dynamic)" in the OO export options?

And even if I have the correct UTI for html, how do I tell Omnioutliner to differentiate between the HTML and HTML (Dynamic) options you see in OO's export format options?