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I hope posting my comments on using the trial version of OmniPlan over the last month or so are of intrest. I am a director of a small UK based Construction and Joinery Company.

I find Omniplan very easy to use and powerful enough for use in connection with small construction/fitting out projects.

Omniplan is very compact and ideal for devoloping your ideas quickly on the fly. The terminology is also reasonably clear and the Menu options are well structured and conveniently arranged.

I also like the facility to group resources

I would like to see more levels of time headings than the single row above the Gnatt chart.

The working day has to be set at 24 hours to avoid displaying a vast array of break shading columns for week day non working time.

There is too much wasted space between rows on the resource chart.

The print routine is extremely poor, contains bugs and is inflexible compared to the majority of the competition.

For my purposes, the lack of control, reliable saving and presentation quality of the printed output is the main reason why I am holding back on purchase for the time being.

I would be interested to hear any further comments.

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