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Thanks for the feedback DGD!

This is a popular feature request in our database that we're planning on implementing in a future version. I'll add another vote to it for you.

You don't have to change your work hours to 24 hours to do this. What you could do is go to the "Project : Colors" inspector and set the "Off-hours" color from light grey to white. It will match the on-hours color perfectly, so when you go to "View" > "Gantt Chart" > "Show Off-hours" you won't see any shading.

Would you like it if we decreased the font size for the resource names in the rows to make them more narrow?

We're aware of some printing issues in OmniPlan 1.1 and hope to address a lot of them in OmniPlan 1.2. If you don't mind, would you be willing to explain what type of bugs you're seeing? If you'd like to email in examples, you can send them to

Thanks akwong

The printing problems I have encountered are as follows:-

Setting page margins
The Prgram is a liitle non responsive when altrering the dimensions of the margins.

Once the new margin dimensions are set they only remain in force while the program is open and are not saved for later use. This also applies to the header and footer text.

I like to see the shading for complete non working days, such as weekends and holiday dates, as is possible in MS Project.

One further problem I have encountered, the length of the Gnatt bars sometimes do not reflect the duration set in the outline column, I will send you the file.

I understand that you intend to improve the print routine here are some suggestions:-

Multi line, Headers and Footers with fonts set to paper size, rather than scaled with program.

Multiple views for saving with the respective file

Hide pre-selected columns when printing chart

Option to automatically print filename, date, etc


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