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I think when it comes to price you have to thank of a couple things

one --- there were 13,590 sold at $49 (I apologize if I have gotten this's been a while)

and 3,475 were sold at 80

I will assume there is a 50 percent mark up from $40.... (I don't really know anything, but I thought I would expound a bit)

$12,2310 was made off the first 13,590 ($9 times 13,590)
$13,9000 was made off the next 3,475 ($40 times 3,475)

on that assumption alone, Omni made the right choice, granted this doesn't take into consideration the benefit of how much those first buyers helped with research.

I would doubt if Omni kept the price at $49 they would have sold another 13,590....and assuming they barely broke eving at $49, now they need to make some money --- not to mention I am getting updates so they still have codemonkeys listening to Jonathan Coulton

[thought two]

If Omni Focus was kept at a cheaper price (at least close to what the predicted price will be for Things) Omni Group could pull a bill gates and wipe the competition off the map. Not sure if that would happen, but who knows

[thought three]

There are $20 customers (shareware), $49 users (casual users like me) and $80 users (professional). I would guess a lot of the people complaing about the $80 price are really the $20 customers who may not even buy the product at $49. {just as there are professionals who will expand their budget because it is a tool they need to use.}

I am a fan of GTD, but I am not married to it yet. I see the value of it and of Omni-F, but my finances and dedication to GTD makes it so I was willing to pay $49, but not $80 --- in fact I paid $49 because I was afraid I wouldn't get it to pay $80. If I would be signing on now I would not be reading or writing this forum, let alone buying the product. I would be using/forcing Journler to work for me.

I would guess this discussion might be somewhat academic. Omni has a good number of users who like me aren't going anywhere. I am looking at Things, but they would have to do something big and soon to make me want to spend another $49

I do know the fact I got in on the ground floor I can see the value in Omni-F, but I am still a casual user and likely would have a hard time making an $80 purchase. It is worth $129 if you use it . . . and can afford it.