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I think DGD is talking about the ability to add holiday dates or other non working days that will be taken to account when project durations are calculated. Now it seems that there is only one week template with no abbreviation. ... and then these off-days whould automatically be shown in a different shade.

My undestanding is that you have to create a Work Schedule for a group or each staff member and manually set each week differently. This works but it's a bit slow to do. Why edit a list of non working days, set holidays etc.

Still, these days won't show in a different shade. Show off-hours works, but I think it looks too messy to have tiny white stripes on grey..

..but over all, I like this program ;)
Coloring the holidays a different shade is a request in our database. You can set the off-hours shading to a different color by going to the "Project : Colors" inspector.

How would you like to edit the work schedule for resources/groups besides using the work week calendars?

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